Cosmetic Drone Technology. What is the Cosmetic Drone?

The cosmetic drone is an innovative action mechanism for the controlled release of active ingredients. These are small biocompatible and biodegradable microcapsules able to bind chemically only to the target cells. Thanks to this technology, the active ingredients thus act in a targeted way on the cells, increasing the effectiveness of the product.

That’so uses different drones, specific for each product. Here are which ones:

Illuminating Drone

Present in the products Light Infusion Day Cream, Light Infusion Night Cream and Hydra Anti-spot Hand Cream of the That’so innovation-nature line, this drone makes it possible to even out the skin tone making it brighter after every application. The result is a more even and youthful skin tone.

Plumping Anti-Age Drone

Present in the Anti-aging Infusion Day Cream and Anti-aging Infusion Night Cream products of the That’so innovation-nature line, the Anti-Age Repulping Drone acts on the “ligand-receptor” system of fibroblasts, promoting the synthesis of collagen and elastin, fighting facial wrinkles. The result is smoother, toned and plumped skin.

Botox Drone

Present in the Eye Rivitalizer Smooth Effect from the That’so innovation-nature line, it effectively fights the appearance of small wrinkles and signs of aging that compromise the beauty and brightness of the eyes at any age. The peptides present in the microcapsules, inhibit muscle contraction causing relaxation and reducing the depth of wrinkles with abotox-like mechanism. The eye contour is smoother and brighter.

Silhouette Drone

Present in the Slimming Body Cream and High-Definition Mud Shower Scrub products of the That’so innovation-nature line, this drone acts on the imperfection of cellulite and localised fat. The polyphenols contained in the plant extract and present in the microcapsules act in a targeted and exclusive way on the adipocytes, favouring and stimulating lipolysis (fat breakdown) and helping to reduce both lipogenesis (lipid synthesis) and adipogenesis (formation of new adipocytes). The result is a more toned, harmonious and compact silhouette.

Barrier Drone

Present in the Hydra Care Moisturizing Body Milk body lotion from the That’so innovation-nature line acts directly on keratinocytes. The function of the peptide contained in the drone is to stimulate the beta-integrine receptor, so as to increase tissue compactness, which will be more resistant to environmental aggression and transepidermal water loss.