Legs are one of the most sensual parts of a woman’s body and each of us dreams of having perfect legs to show off in each occasion. Whether it’s summer or winter, it’s always pleasant to wear skirts and dresses that enhance the beauty of the shapes but you must feel at ease. Here’s how to have perfect legs by following a few simple steps starting from your own habits up to the most recommended treatments.

Perfect legs: the right diet is the basis of beauty

The harmony of the body always starts from the inside: nutrition is a fundamental element that never must be underestimated. To get lean and toned legs follow a diet rich in fruits and vegetables which, thanks to the presence of potassium and magnesium, prevent water retention that could cause swelling of the affected area. In particular, never miss blueberries, peaches and vegetables such as leeks and onions. Carbohydrates and fats should be avoided! In fact, they strain blood circulation that cause negative consequences also for the capillaries and veins. Enrich your diet with calcium-based foods like dairy products and derivatives that help you limit fat absorption. To have legs to envy, start with the diet and don’t forget to drink lots of water, with 1.5 liters a day (recommended amount) it will be easier for your body to eliminate toxins and impurities!

Physical activity must never be lacking

One of the worst enemies of your legs is a sedentary life: regular physical activity allows you to keep your muscles toned and prevents the accumulation of fat or the stagnation of liquids. The most recommended activities are aquagym, long walks if possible at a brisk pace and bike rides. For those who look for a very focused and intensive workout for legs and buttocks, the most effective exercises are squats (inevitable!), lunges, and running: about 20 minutes at a brisk pace a couple of times a week, to strengthen the thigh and tone it. Don’t forget to take a few minutes to stretch your muscles with some stretching exercises at the end of each training session, intense or light. Just a little daily movement to have perfect legs to make heads spin!

Care, hydration and tanning: here are 3 secrets for perfect legs!

For genuine and evident results, nutrition and physical activity are often not enough. Help your beauty with targeted treatments and you’ll be more than satisfied!

1 – Care. One of the most annoying imperfections for a woman is cellulite. Often a balanced diet and regular physical activity are not enough to overcome this problem and we must rely on beauty treatments through the use of specific products. That’so offers a special foam designed to treat cellulite imperfections. Deep Kineticell is a “crunchy” ultra-focused mousse that shows more than evident results after just two weeks of application. Try it now!

2- Hydration. What’s better than a smooth and silky skin? A good moisturizing product is the solution to a divine appearance! Try That’so Pink Angel mousse and you’ll love it: it gives your legs an immediate and long-lasting toned appearance. And if you prefer to shine, especially in summer, nourish your legs with Glowy Gold moisturizing oil with a touch of golden powder, it will make you shine in a unique way.

3- Tanning. A golden complexion is ideal to bring out the sinuous lines of your legs. Leave your pallor behind and give your skin a healthy and natural look with a tanning touch. However, often it isn’t possible to lie in the sun to tan, so choose a good self-tanning product of the color that best suits you: That’so offers you a wide range of self-tanning products for all tastes!

Now that you know the secrets to take care of your legs, what are you waiting for? Go to wear your favorite skirt!

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