What about our world threatenings? Lately that’s a hot topic.. Plastic consumption and pollution are related to a low eco-sustainability from products sold all around the world. Climate stability is at risk, that’s why we want to give a little help.

The evolution of spray cans: BAG-ON-VALVE TECHNOLOGY
Average spray cans (aerosol cans) normally contains a fine mist of liquid or solid particles (any formula, form a cosmetic to a polish) together with an expulsion gas. It’s a mechanism that’s designed to turn every kind of liquid or solid part into a finely dispersed mist. The expulsion gas is called propellant, it usually turns into liquid when it’s forced inside the can at high pressure, that’s what permits to the solution/powder and the gas to mix together. The propellant turns back into its gas state when you press the nozzle and the pressure is released, together with the product.

Now, that’s not so complicated, but aerosol cans have negative sides:
– aerosol propellent when vaporized contribute to increase indoor air pollution
– some of them contains chemicals as formaldehyde and xylene, harmful toxins
– cause environmental problems (according to MIT study) such as the decreasing of precipitations, due to increasing temperature all consequences to different propellent gases spreading into the atmosphere. From the preindustrial times things have changed drastically. Moreover aerosols can modify the structure of clouds, increasing the possibility of thunderstorms.
– the increment of the carbon footprint because of propellents that contains hydrocarbon, they also emit VOCs that contribute to ground-level ozone levels, an element that induce smog asthma.

Why our products are different, how BAG-ON-VALVE works?
Our cosmetics do not use any propellent gas. Initially the can only contains compressed air, a folded empty bag is blocked inside, connected to the nozzle valve. The bag is filled with product, during this operation the product pushes the bag towards the aluminum bottle thanks to compressed air. The bag create an ideal environment for the product conservation. Moreover the ejection is automatic thanks to compressed air. This simple mechanism is nature respectful!

All the positive sides:
– Easy and instant application
– Perfect thin mist application well-atomized
– No need to spread with your hands!
– No wet sensation
– The internal bag permit a long lasting product conservation (up to 30 months), avoiding the contact with bacteria and other microbiological agents. No PAO (Period After Opening) needed.
– Continuous and regular spray
– 360° application, to reach all body areas
– Eco-friendly by nature
– No gas
– Quality: normally aerosol spray contains a 40% product 60% propellent, our cans contain 100% product.
– 0 WASTE! Product waste reduced to 0 thanks to the inner bag
– Composed by recyclable aluminium and plastic

Quality first! Did you know?
Most cosmetic products in spray cans normally contain between 40% and 60% of expulsion gas. The quantity indicated outside the bottle (ml) also contains the ml of gas used to spill the product.
With the BAG-ON VALVE system our bottles contains 100% of product, as stated outside the packaging. What you pay for is exactly what you bring home! Transparency and simplicity.
How many reasons you need more?

That’so is the answer to all your needs. Feel free to express yourself, create your own beauty routine!