A touch of summer on your skin!
With our shimmering oil GLOWY GOLD everything will become glam and shiny! Reveal your beautiful skin, enhance its color for a golden instant effect. Perfect for body, face and hair.

Our oil is enriched with HEMP OIL an ingredient that nourishes and gives softness to your skin, rich in Omega3 and Omega6 antioxidants, powerful anti-aging elements.

Your skin will result instantaneously glamorous and soft. Deep moisturizing effect given by RICE OIL (Oryza sativa bran oil) rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids which penetrates your skin giving a fully and deep hydration.

We use GOLD particles to give you a shimmering effect, immediate radiance and luminosity for your skin.

3 easy ways to use our GLOWY GOLD oil:

  • HIGHLIGHT for your makeup routine: perfect for a last touch of joyful color on your makeup, before going to work or for your perfect your night out!
  • HAIR conditioner and repairing oil: yeah, summer is beautiful, but what about your hair and the sun? And the salty sea-water? Dryness is behind the door. Apply our cosmetic oil on hair tips, from the very beginning! Minimize the frizz, tame flyaways and intensify the shine for healthy and beautiful hair.
  • Try to mix it with your favorite cosmetics and makeup! Everything that’s oil-based can be easily mixed with GLOW GOLD. To give magic on everything you use! Cool no?

In need of a tanning touch? GLOWY BRONZE is what’s made for you. Add a touch of color to your skin in addition to the shimmer! GLOWY BRONZE contains a BRONZER food pigment that gives you an instantaneously natural tan color, a mixture of colored pigments also used for food, human skin safe. Perfect for body and face!

What else? Well, in our GLOWY BRONZE we added some DHA (2%) for a gradual and long-term tanning touch. DHA is extracted for sugar canes, it work on the external epidermic layers, giving an intense coloring that increase slowly after the application of the product, it activates fully after 3 hours and lasts for 48h. After the maximum activation it decrease its intensity gradually with the exfoliation of the skin without leaving darker spots on the skin and stains.

Our oils are erythrulose-free!

What about the fabulous scent?
The warm and full mixed scent of Jasmine and Amber will give you summer vibes all year long! Chosen exactly to cuddle your senses in a bold and graceful fragrance, for our GLOWY gods and goddesses.