You always wanted a super tan but you’re not ready to take the risk ? A great tan can be lovely, but hey, who would take a risk of a sunburn or to have skin problems. Our skin is precious and everyone should protect it as much as possible!

How to achieve a perfect deep tan without sun? We have the solution! Our self-tanning products will absolutely do the thing, but how do they work? It’s all thanks to our powerful ingredients and an extract called DHA.

DHA stands for dihydroxyacetone, this molecule gives you the tanning natural color. It is a sugar colorless derived from plants such as sugar cane or sugar beets (it can also be manufactured synthetically). This little molecule in contact with the top layer of the skin (that contains naturally amino acids), start to produce a colored pigment that gives to your skin a darker color.

This effect can last up to 10 days in if the solution is highly concentrated (typically used in professional lotions), an average solution concentration lasts up to 3/6 days. The “un-tanning” is gradual, as the skin changes its cells day by day with a natural and gradual exfoliation.

The intensity of tanning depends on the amount of DHA contained in the product you’re using. Even if DHA is a natural component, it is better to avoid the direct inhalation for every solution that comes in spray.

Is DHA safe?

Of course! DHA has been tested under many Drug Administrations and it has been approved to be safe at 100%. Pay attention to Erythrulose, another similar ingredient, that we chose to not use for your safety!

DHA tanning effect only affect the first superficial layers of your skin, the ones that continue to regenerate, that’s why it is a significant alternative to sun tanning. Pay attention to oil based selftanning cosmetics and products, for they can leave your skin tanned in patches.

DHA tends to dry your skin, that’s why it is a prerogative to moisturize and hydrate your skin before and after the usage of every self-tanning product! Moreover, DHA smell it neutral and softly sweet, only products incorrectly formulated smells bad. Many self-tanning products will use strongly perfumed oils to cover the bad smell that comes from the reaction of DHA with skin’s amino acids.
A correct formula will never smell bad!