T anning is a detail that enhances beauty, makes you radiant and fabulous. Golden skin throughout the year is the desire of those who love to shine on every occasion but it isn’t always possible to lie in the sun in complete relaxation and take an enviable Caribbean complexion. Self-tanners are one of the best solutions to ensure a tan that lasts all year even without sun exposure, without endangering skin’s health. Often, though, we don’t truly know these products or we read the wrong information, so let’s get some clarity!

Are self-tanners harmful to the skin?

Spray tanners allow you to have a tanned skin all year without the direct action of sunlight. Often self-tanning products are mistakenly associated to unnatural skin color and it’s thought that they are harmful to the skin. But is this real? The answer is aboslutely no, self-tanners are not harmful to the skin! In addition to giving a fabulous and natural colour to your complexion, they don’t have any negative effect! The main component of these cosmetics is DHA (dihydroxyacetone), a derivate of sugar cane that acts on the skin eliminating the pallor and giving it a wonderful bronze-gold color, of the desired intensity. DHA creates a link with keratin cells without modifying or activating melanin. This allows spray tanners to act only on the most superficial layer of the skin by coloring the outer cells. For this reason, artificial tanning is temporary: related to the external layers of the skin, it is gradually removed by natural cellular turnover.

For these reasons it’s possible to state firmly that self-tanners are not harmful to the skin, so what are you waiting for? Give yourself an enviable complexion and say goodbye forever to pallor.


How to best use self-tanners: useful tips

These products are harmless for health but to have an optimal result it is essential to prepare the skin correctly before starting the procedure for a divine tan.

  • Perform a scrub to remove the superficial dead skin-cells layer, that allow the product to have greater grip on the skin. Perform this step about 24 hours before applying the self-tanning product;
  • Apply the self-tanning product on perfectly clean skin;
  • Avoid using the product on damaged skin or wounds and scars, it could cause some stains;
  • Remember to moisturize in particular the drier areas of the body such as elbows and knees;
  • In the days following spray tanning, use non-aggressive shower gel and detergents.

Now that you know all the secrets, you are ready for your self-tan!

Are face and body self-tanners all the same?

Clarified that DHA is not dangerous for your health, it’s important to note that not all self-tanning products are the same, it’s necessary to find the one that best suits your personal taste and idea of ​​beauty. For this reason, That’so offers a wide range of choice to satisfy everyone’s needs.

On the Go is the classic line by That’so, the must-have for Do-It-Yourself tanning lovers. Which color do you prefer for yourself? Clear, dark and extra dark to satisfy everyone’s tastes, from the spray to the mousse, you’ll find the perfect product that’s right for you. Tanning has never been easier!

Golden Age and Golden Beauty, are self-tanning cosmetics specifically designed to take care of your well-being: try the anti-aging and firming effect combined with a veil of tan that will make you fall in love.

Are you a nature lover and do you always want to make sure you buy products that respect the ecosystem and the animal world at once? Nature Tan is the line that guarantees you VEGANOK certified self-tanners without animal-derived components, moreover with BOV system, no gas is contained inside the can, giving you an eco-friendly solution for your tan! Take care of your beauty in full respect of the environment around you.

If you love being self-confident and amaze with your beauty, you can’t miss Glowy Gold! This oil enriched with golden powder and hemp infusion gives your skin a sparkling and nourished shine after your self-tanning session. Try it now!


Don’t be afraid to damage your skin with self-tanners, find the one that suits you and gift yourself the best.

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