Pink Angel


Pink smoothing mousse for body with instant and lasting toning effect. A body treatment that acts on two levels: it unblocks and mobilises fat, reducing it gradually (Liporeductyl®) and makes the skin more compact, supple and firmer through the immediate tensor effect (Proteasyl® ). The gold dust revitalises the skin and makes it firmer and more radiant.


LIPOREDUCTYL®: special liposomes that ensures effective penetration and transport of the actives ingredients to skin deepest layers. Liporeductyl® contains several ingredients helping to reduce local fat concentrations:

  • Caffeine: it stimulates drainage and removal of stagnant fluids. It moves fat acids from adipose tissues.
  • Ruscus Aculeatus Root Extract: strongest tonic ingredient. Its active principles improve circulation and capillar walls. Firming and reducing effect on cellulite.
  • Iodina: lipolytic effect. Accelerator of metabolic processes while at the same time it helps to excrete toxins.
  • Hedera Helix Extract: high firming cosmetic effect in every area of the body affected by sagging. Rich in caffeine, that stabilize fat metabolism by activating lipolysis.
  • L-Carnitine: effective on cellular metabolism turning fats into energy. It helps elimination of toxins and it is a very good anti-oxidant.
  • Escina (Aesculus Hippocastanum Extract): it counteracts with excess of water retention. It protect capillary vessels and then fluids flow much better avoiding fat build-ups that cause ‘orange peel’ effect.
  • Glicil-Istidil-Lisina: strong anti-oxidant effect, able to capture harmful substances derived from fats oxidation.

PROTEASYL®: vegetable complex able to fight elastic tissues degradation and to maintain proper firmness of treated areas. Tensor effect on tissues for a double action, anti-sagging and firming.

SHEA KARITÈ BUTTER: emollient, softening, also with anti-aging and toning-up proprieties.

GOLDEN MICA POWDER: bright golden powder to provide radiant effect.

CHONDRUS CRISPUS: creates a protective film on the skin.

Perfume: Sugar Candy


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