On-The-Go Light White


Instant mat brightening spray. By targeting unevenness in the skin tone, an ideal crystal-bright skin is finally achieved. Immediate result in a few seconds thanks to spray technology and designed to regulate melanin production and awaken the luminosity of the skin. The lotion has 3 actions:

  • Prevention: controls production of excess melanin to prevent the new formation of dark spots and future skin imperfections – ActivaWhite.
  • Correction: natural and immediate perfect skin effect – thanks to the pigments contained in the formula
  • Protection: protect from free radicals and external aggression – Vitamin E.


ACTIVAWHITE: a special ingredient that inhibits the production of melanin, guaranteeing a long lasting whitening result on the skin. It has also an anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effect.

LIGHT WHITE PIGMENTS: reduces immediately the skin imperfections, giving a smooth complexion and visibly bright effect on the skin after the application of lotion.

VITAMIN E: it helps reducing free radicals and protects the skin from photo aging, pollution and ossidative stress.

Skin Type Tone: Light, Medium
Instant White Intensity: Medium
Perfume: Delicate


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