Deep Kineticell


“Crackle” mousse to treat cellulite imperfections. A unique combination of active ingredients with a cutting-edge cosmetic technology that immediately refreshes and reinvigorates the skin. The effervescent technology triggers an ultra-intensive and targeted action on orange-peel skin and fatty deposits, with a progressive remodeling of the treated areas, which soon appear firmer, more toned and smoother. The product, applied in only a few seconds and without having to massage it, enters into effect in the 6-8 hours after its application thus progressively releasing the active ingredients.


CAFFEINE: plays an important role as it stimulates drainage and removal of stagnating fluids. Moreover, it mobilizes the fatty acids in the adipose tissue.

THEOBROMINE: it is contained in the seeds of the cocoa plant and, therefore, Cocoa extract. It effectively stimulates the breakdown of fatty accumulations.

IVY EXTRACT: has a considerable anaesthetic action that facilitates deep massaging practices by relaxing the tissues; it is also a vasoconstrictor that favours the re-absorption of skin edemas.

ASIATIC CENTELLA: Restores the functions of the capillaries that have been obstructed by the accumulation of toxins and fats and improves blood flow.

BIRCH: The draining action facilitates the reduction of edemas that compromise the adipose membrane. It stimulates the elimination of metabolic wastes.

CARNITIN: accelerates the metabolism of fats, strengthening the effect of topical formulas, thereby increasing their impact.

SOYBEAN EXTRACT: is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and is one of many phyto (plant) chemicals that are biologically active against free radicals.

HOPS EXTRACT: with firming and toning action that improves skin elasticity.

POMEGRANATE EXTRACT: contains ellagic acid, and is considered effective as an antioxidant. Pomegranate extract is very rich in vitamins and nourishing for the skin.

FUCUS VESCICOLOSUS EXTRACT: This sea algae has an amazing

hydrating effect on the skin while also improving elasticity.

Perfume: Fresh & Delicate


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