• HD Tan


    Ultra dark, moisturizing and anti-aging tanning lotion. The lotion has a dual effect:

    1. instant intensive tanning thanks to the ultra dark bronze pigments,

    2. long lasting self tan that develops in 2-3 hours after application (during this time avoid contact with water) and lasts for 5 days.

    Dermatologically tested formulation suitable for all skin types, tailored by our researchers to give the skin a healthy and natural color ("tan" effect) without exposure to UV rays. Does not leave spots or an unpleasant odour, it can be easily washed from fabric and hair.

  • HD Tan Box

    This box is made especially for you for a High Definition tanning treatment. Exfoliate gently and prepare your skin to be enahnced by a golden and natural tan color! Our gentle body scrub combined with our HD tan spray lotion and its tanning mitt. A complete tanning starter pack, 8 weeks tanned!