• Glowy Gold

    Moisturizing dry oil that illuminates and gives the skin a shimmer effect. Its luminous and sparkling formula sublimates tanned skins rebalancing them with extreme sweetness. The scent is of jasmine and amber.
  • Hydrating tanning spray, face and body. It is enriched with Hemp Water, an ingredient rich in vitamins and mineral salts that nourishes and gives softness to the skin. An instant tan (thanks to the golden bronze natural pigment) bright and intense that lasts about 4 days (thanks to the DHA). The perfume is created on the essences of fresh, aromatic and woody herbs.
  • Tinted moisturizing body lotion ideal for prolonging the effects of self-tanning treatments. A delicate instant touch of tan that gives a natural glow to the skin. Contains Blueberry, Lavender and Vanilla extract.
  • Face and body tanning spray for a flawless instant color (thanks to the natural golden bronze pigment) and that persists for a period of 4 days (thanks to DHA) Contine scent of almond, cherry and vanilla.
  • Glam Body Mousse

    Tanning mousse with a moisturizing effect that gives a flawless instant color (thanks to the golden bronze pigment) with a natural effect that persists for a period of 4 days (thanks to the DHA). Perfect after a bath or shower and post epilation. Contains almond, cherry and vanilla scent.
  • Balm with a light texture for lips that are always hydrated. The delicate formulation creates an emollient film that gives the lips immediate softness.