We have some different lines of products that uses hemp infused water and hemp oil, we’re talking about our ON-THE-GO Dark Hemp and our shimmering oils GLOWY GOLD and GLOWY BRONZE. Here are some more informations about this rich and useful ingredient:

Does hemp extract give possibility of intoxication?

Hemp extracts are created and differentiated in multiple forms, we mainly use hemp infused water and hemp oil. There is a very little risk of intoxication from hemp oil, as all forms of hemp extracts comes from the food-grain strains of hemp. Food-grains must contain less than 0.3% of THC, the compound that causes the sensation of “highness” inside marijuana.

Hemp extracts comes from seeds of the so-called Cannabis Sativa plant. The seeds does not contain the same levels of compound of the plant itself (leaves, branches and flowers). They are rich of nutrients, good fatty acids and precious bioactive compounds. That’s why hemp extracts are so luxurious and useful on your skin.

Which are the benefits of hemp extracts?

Hemp oil is especially rich of highly nutritious components precious on the skin:

  • VITAMINS, to prevent breakouts
  • FATTY ACIDS (Omega3 and 6) against dryness, inflammation and oxidation

Everything that nourish and help to maintain a perfect skin, against the causes of aging.

Here you can find some links to the studies directed on hemp extracts, about the richness of healthy oils and fatty acids.
Moreover another great study has proven that hemp oil strengthen your skin against any cause of infection. A topic usage is helpful to prevent every kind of skin infection (eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis acne rosacea and more)… For more info, you can find the link here.

Benefits just for the skin? Not. at. all.

Hemp extract is a wonderful world full of benefits. For your brain: hemp extract contains fatty acids useful to the brain system and its protection. It is a natural pain relief for anything inflammatory, it prevent the insurgence of acne, it give some relief to muscular stress and tension.

The researches on hemp extract are relatively young, many other things can be discovered with time! We stay with one ear fully listening to the future. We like to propose you the best professional experience with our cosmetics and our formulas coming from the nature.