If you have decided to go to the sea or to the mountains, you must also remember to protect your skin from the sun to avoid unpleasant burns.
If you are dark skinned just put a sunscreen with a factor of 15 to 20 while if you have clear skin it is always better to start with a high protection SPF 50.

The main tips to protect yourself are:

  • Drink lots of water, which hydrates the body and is good for the skin because the sun’s rays together with salt water tend to dry it out.
  • Wear a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from UV rays.
  • Expose yourself gradually, with a couple of hours at the beginning and then increase day by day.
  • Avoid the sun in the central hours, from noon to four in the afternoon where radiation hurts more.
  • Apply protection half an hour before sun exposure.
  • Take supplements that protect the skin and help stimulate melanin.
  • Apply aftersun to soothe and refresh the skin, keeping the tan.

What is the after-sun for?
To have a perfect tan, you need to take care of your skin before, during and especially after sun exposure.
During the night, in fact, you can better preserve your tan, increasing its duration and repairing it,
even after sun, however, should be chosen based on the type of skin.
If our skin does not have particular problems, we can find the light, fast-absorbing moisturizing formulas, while if you have dry and dehydrated skin, it is better to focus on a rich and nourishing cream.
The most sensitive skin must pay attention to rehydration after exposure to the sun, without underestimating the sensation of heat, redness and itching.
The after-sun products therefore help to hydrate, soothe, refresh and calm the skin, and restore the normal self-repairing functions of the skin, with an anti-radical and anti-aging function.
It should be remembered that after sun products have no healing properties, they have preventive and protective effects against the sun. If you have sunburns that have damaged the skin, you should seek medical attention.

When should it be applied?
The after sun can be applied after a shower, with a light massage on the whole body and spread a light layer on the red areas leaving it for 10 minutes as a compress.
Even for the face you can use the after-sun as a mask and removing it with a cotton pad.
It can be applied several times if the skin feels dry and suffering, and whenever the need is felt, especially when the skin is hot and irritated.

Does an umbrella help protect us from the sun?
The beach umbrella is useful but does not ensure maximum defense from UV rays, which penetrate the skin causing erythema, sunburn, insolation and damage to vision.
So you have to protect yourself with sunscreen, and put on your sunglasses and hat to protect yourself from UVA and UVB rays.
Tanning under an umbrella can be an alternative for those who cannot expose themselves directly to the sun, safeguarding their health.
Even being in the shade is not safe, the sun will be reflected by something and will affect your skin, you must always be careful and protect yourself.

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