Preparations for the perfect holiday? Here below our MUST HAVE for your luggage! Traveling is always a beautiful and enriching experience. That’s why we decided to give you the top 5 That’so cosmetics for any occasion:

1) Self tanning spray
From the beginning, a tan worthy of the best sunny locations. Don’t give up on the perfect tan! Even without sun we have the solution to begin your holidays in a beautiful natural tanned shade. To use before go and in the first days of sun exposure, combined with a good sun protection! Remember that self-tanning lotions do not protect you from the UV rays.

thatso on the go dark

On-The-Go Dark
Multi-position bronze-golden moisturizing and anti-aging tanning spray. The lotion has a dual effect:
1. instant tanning thanks to a natural bronze food pigment (can be easily removed with soap and water).
2. lasting tan that develops between 2 and 3 hours after application (during this time avoid contact with water) and lasts for 4 days.
Smooth and even application, does not require rubbing. Safe and natural formulation that does not harm the skin and body. Does not leave patches or an unpleasant odour, it can be easily washed from fabrics and hair.


2) Sun care
I know, you’re at your first day of freedom and you just want to tan super fast! With our protection for all skin types you can say goodbye to sunburns. 3 different SPF in the same little can, apply 3 times (at a distance of some min from one application to the other) and you will reach a 50SPF, the ideal protection to begin your tanning routine. Apply 2 times and you will reach a 30SPF, after the very first days it is essential to continue to apply some protection. When your skin get used to it just use one layer of spray for a 20SPF, the perfect friend of your skin. Our lotions protect your skin keeping it moisturized and soft for a perfect velvet touch.

thatso all in one tan spf 20

All-In-One SPF 20
Dry oil sun protection leaves the skin hydrated, smooth and radiant. Contains Avocado and Jojoba oil that maintain the skin moisturized, protecting from water dehydration. Thanks to Vitamin E helps reducing free radicals preventing the skin photoaging.
* INCREMENTAL SPF: clinical studies have shown that after the first product application the sun protection is SPF 20. With the second application, after 10 minutes on the same area and under the same conditions, the sun protection is SPF 30. With the third application, after 10 minutes on the same area and under the same conditions, the sun protection is SPF 50+. Italian Patent IT0001429774.


3) Tan Accelerator
To complete your tanning routine we suggest our tan accelerator. Reach a high quality tanning level in a short time! Applied BEFORE the sunscreen, it boost up you tanning. Complete your session with a 20SPF to ensure a good protection.

thatso all in one tan accelerator

On-The-Go Tan Accelerator
Tan Accelerator enhances the natural tanning process, ensuring a uniform and intense colour to the skin. The formula is enriched with Unipertan®, a revolutionary bio-complex which allows to obtain a more intense and long-lasting tan and help reducing the skin cellular damages caused by solar rays.
The Hemp Water infused is an ingredient that nourishes and gives softness to the skin being rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 antioxidants, powerful natural anti-aging agents. Easy application at 360°. Refreshing feeling after application thanks to menthol.


4) Hydration
A long lasting tan has just one secret: HYDRATION. Moisturize your skin before and moreover after a long tanning session or long sun exposure. Your skin needs to be nourished a lot to maintain its lipids and healthy aspect. Our hydration lotion contains menthol, it will sooth and give relief after a big sunny day!

thatso all in one after sun

All-In-One After Sun
This body spray is very moisturizing, refreshing and soothing. It is very effective in blocking free radicals and oxidative stress for a young, healthy skin. Used daily, skin appears elastic, smooth and delicate. The spray application makes it easy to use.


5) Shimmering Dry Oil
Get prepared for a lovely night out, don’t forget to GLOW! The shimmering hemp oil infused lotion, enriched with gold dust, will give the perfect shiny finish to your makeup and your body! Applied after the shower and moisturizing lotion, this oil is perfect to nourish and repair your skin and hair, it takes a lot of benefits from hemp extracts (to know more about it just visit our article on hemp extracts benefits HERE). ( mettere link al luxury hemp articolo)

thatso glowy gold

Glowy Gold
Moisturizing light and luminous oil which immediately gives a shimmering complexion leaving the skin dry and not greasy. GLOWY GOLD is enriched with Hemp Oil, an ingredient that nourishes and gives softness to the skin being rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 antioxidants, powerful natural anti-aging agents. Use GLOWY GOLD all year round, during both summer and winter time, to give radiance and luminosity to face, body and to instantly illuminate the hair.