How to maintain your post-holiday tan: tips and myths.

We eagerly await the arrival of summer to enjoy long days in the sun with the aim of achieving a flawless tan, but this fades within a few weeks of returning from holiday.

How to keep that beautiful, even, golden tan for as long as possible?

There are a few little tricks you can add to your beauty routine that will allow you to prolong the summer on your skin and make your return to everyday life glow.

Here are the secrets to maintaining a perfect tan even in winter:


Did you know that nutrition and melanin production are closely related?

This is why good eating habits are so important for achieving a perfect tan and losing it as late as possible.

For example, carrots, apricots and red fruits, being rich in beta-carotene, stimulate melanin, the set of pigments on which your skin colour largely depends.

But that’ s not all: try to fill up on yellow-orange fruit and vegetables, dried fruit and olive oil, all of which are rich in vitamins B and E, which not only are good for your body but also help the skin to maintain the correct level of moisture.

And finally, don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day!

Two litres a day ensure that your body is adequately hydrated, an essential factor for a radiant and long-lasting tan.



Beware of false myths: it’s not true that using scrubs and gommage whitens!

Since melanin is formed in depth, it is not affected by the action of scrubbing, which instead helps to eliminate the greyness and surface dullness that make the tan itself lacking in brilliance.

A simple gesture to include in your beauty routine to maintain your post-holiday complexion for longer: using a gentle scrub regularly will allow you to bring back all the radiance of your tan, revealing the glow you gained during the summer.

Our Tan Extender Scrub is your ally for prolonging your tan and restoring a new radiance and transparency to your skin: thanks to coconut powder, a natural exfoliant, it adapts to even the most sensitive areas, while olive oil helps to keep the skin soft and moisturised for a long time.



Preventing the skin from drying out, and therefore peeling prematurely, is something to which particular attention should be paid in order to keep the tan looking good.

Moreover, after spending whole days in the sun, the skin needs a higher dose of hydration: it’s time to restore its balance to help it come back nourished and plumped up.

Here are our best products for extra hydration… your skin will be grateful!

Hydra Care Moisturizing Body Milk, the moisturising body lotion with precious vegetable oils (Olive and Almond) that nourishes the skin in depth and leaves it silky smooth!

The illuminating face creams Light Infusion Day Cream and Light Infusion Night Cream: a full of energy for the skin of the face, with a nourishing and re-energising effect… discover a new complexion, with extra brightness!

The finishing touch? Our beauty elixirs, face spray lotions that you can mix and match and carry with you everywhere, with moisturising, antioxidant and soothing effects!



Using self-tanners in small doses and using the Tanning Mitt to distribute them evenly is the ideal way to give your holiday complexion a refresh.

For example, with our On-the-go Dark moisturising face and body tanning spray you can give your skin a touch of summer in a very simple way: thanks to the continuous spray, it is easy to use, leaves no marks and helps improve skin tone and elasticity.



The desire to get under the water frequently, due to the heat, is legitimate, but if you want to keep your tan, you must be very careful. Hot water encourages skin flaking.

So if you like to relax in a hot bath, it’s best to replace it with a warmer shower on your return from holiday to help keep your skin firmer and more elastic.



Another little tip is to avoid rubbing your body after the shower: use soft towels to gently dab your skin and pay the same attention to the face during your daily skin care.

In addition, choose a shower gel that is not too aggressive: it is better to select ad hoc products, perhaps oil-based, which the skin without removing the tan.

These simple precautions will help you avoid scratching your tan, speeding up its disappearance!



And finally, remember that even 15 minutes a day can be enough to ensure a glowing complexion and maintain that golden holiday glow by stimulating the skin’s melanin production.

Continue to take advantage of the good weather in the city too, perhaps by exercising outdoors or taking a walk in the sun, so you don’t miss a single ray and brighten your return to your daily routine!



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