What is the best way to get a golden and lasting complexion? How to tan well without taking risks for your skin?

In summer (and not only) the race for the perfect tan leads many people to look for the best method to tan quickly and evenly. Often, however, the error is lurking and you run into behaviors that are dangerous for the skin! Are you sure you know all the secrets for an enviable tan? Find out more about our decalogue in which we will reveal all the secrets and curiosities related to suntan!

  1. You can even tan in the shade!

Even when you are under an umbrella or in shady areas, your skin is exposed to the sun: in fact, more than 50% of ultraviolet rays reach the body, due to diffuse radiation and reverberation on water and sand. Remember to apply good sun protection at all times, even when the weather is uncertain and the sky is cloudy or you decide to stay under an umbrella

  1. The hours between 11:00 and 16:00 are really the most dangerous

To tan well often it’s thought that it’s necessary to spend a lot of time exposed to the sun, but it’s important to avoid exposure in the hours when the sun burns more, between 11:00 and 16:00. In fact, in this time slot, the radiation and UVB rays are at their maximum intensity. UVBs are the most dangerous because they are the cause of burns and skin aging, as well as being potentially dangerous also for the onset of melanomas. Avoid these times, you’ll still get a perfect complexion by exposing yourself during the hours when the rays are less aggressive for the skin.

  1. With sunscreen YOU DON’T TAKE LESS!

To tan well and safely, the use of sunscreen is essential! A common belief is that applying sun creams and lotions makes you tan less, but it’s absolutely false! By applying a good sunscreen, a slower and more gradual tan is obtained, but not less intense. On the contrary, the complexion color will be more lasting and the skin protected from the dangers of incorrect exposure to the sun. Have you already tried the innovative That’so solar incremental SPF technology? Find out more!

  1. Sun ages the skin: protect yourself!

Sunbathing is a moment of relaxation during the holidays or in your spare time and gives the skin a wonderful complexion. Sun’s rays, on the other hand, cause an acceleration in skin aging. This is due to a degeneration of elastin and collagen which lead to a loss of tissue elasticity. So, remember to always protect your skin with a good sunscreen that allows you to minimize these consequences on your body and that can give you an enviable complexion.

  1. Phototype: what is yours and how to behave?

The phototype is nothing but the reaction to the sun determined by one’s eye and hair color.

  • Phototype 1 CLEAR CARNAGION / GREEN OR BLUE EYES and EPHELIDES: melanin is minimal or almost absent, it’s advisable to limit exposure to the sun and use SPF 50+ protections.
  • Phototype 2 LIGHT CARNAGION / DARK BLONDE HAIR OR LIGHT BROWN: sun exposure must take place with a sunscreen SPF 50 / SPF 30.
  • Phototype 3 MEDIUM-DARK CARNAGION / BROWN HAIR: protection SPF 25 / SPF 20 is recommended
  • Phototype 4SALLOW CARNAGION/ BROWN HAIR: low protection is sufficient, SPF 20 / SPF 15
  • Phototype 5 and 6 DARK / BLACK CARNAGION AND DARK HAIR: a minimum protection of SPF 10 is enough, skins of this type are less sensitive to sunlight.
  1. Tanning addiction: do you know it?

Tanning well to have a better appearance is the goal of many and often we make every effort to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time but … without exaggerating! There are, in fact, people who develop an exaggerated attachment to this aspect making it become a real addiction: tanorexia. At the origin of this obsession lies a mechanism very similar to that of drug addiction, only in this case the dependence derives from the “well-being hormones” (beta-endorphins) produced by the body during sun exposure.

  1. Apply the protection at least 30 minutes before the exposure

Applying sunscreen at least half an hour before going to the sun is important to ensure that it penetrates deeply and guarantees maximum performance as protection for the skin. It is important to use it several times during the day because water and sweat could eliminate it, leaving the skin uncovered.

  1. The water speeds up the tan, but be careful!

Sunbathing by the sea, by the pool or comfortably lying on your mattress speeds up the tan because in addition to the direct rays of the sun, you are affected by those reflected by the water. In these cases it’s necessary to pay more attention and use a very high SPF protection and apply it more frequently to avoid unpleasant burns.

  1. Hydration is essential

Exposure to the sun often also involves exposure to very high temperatures and greater sweating. Remember to drink plenty of water to keep your body and skin hydrated properly.

  1. The post tanning: what to do

Ater a day in the sun, remember to use a gentle shower bath and a highly moisturizing after-sun lotion to avoid damage to the skin and to nourish the tissues. Discover the whole That’so proposal and get ready for a tan that will make your head spin!

The incremental SPF technology of That’so solar allows you to have three different protections in a single product: the shielding, in fact, increases with each application layer. At the first pass you will get the basic protection indicated on the label. With a second layer in the same area after about 10 minutes the protection will increase to the intermediate level and to a third, again after 10 minutes, the skin will be protected from the maximum shielding allowed by the product. In this way you can choose different levels of protection for the different areas of the body, in order to obtain a more homogeneous complexion, as well as having the convenience of three products in one.

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